Welcome to my rock climbing website. I have a few guide books available here, I offer an AID climbing course and you can find fun photos and a few stories.

I was a sponsored climber for 15 years. These pages represent some of that time of my life. The experience taught me quite a lot from how to plan projects, build and work with teams of people, survive and even thrive in hard times and in desperate situations and how to run a successful business and of course when to throw all that out and just enjoy the view. Being immersed in the climbing world also introduced me to amazing friends and places that I otherwsie would of never of discovered.

Now I am focused on climbing just for fun, and spending quality time with my daughter... who I am glad to say likes to climb!

If you have any questions about trips I have been on or projects and guidebooks on these pages please don't hestiate to contact me.

Cheers, Matt



Guide Books
Thailand Deep Water Soloing.
Squamish Big Walls.

The expeditions and adventure notes.

Aid Climbing Course
One day course in Squamish.