Aid Climbing Course, in Squamish

Aid climbing is the best way to learn how to place trad gear because you discover hands on what each piece can hold by using the bounce test technique, generating hundreds of pounds of pressure similair to a leader fall, without the danger and terror of taking actual falls. Ask the trad climbers... Jimmy Chin, Peter Croft and yes even Chris Sharma who puts up routes in Spain by aid climbing! and they will tell you that aid climbing is the best way to learn trad.

In this 10 hour course you will learn...

Bounce test technique, High stepping, Gear placement, Cleaning on ascenders, Cleaning traverses, Lower outs (several version types), Hauling (2 types), Portaledge and hanging camp set up, Piton work, Hooking, Copper heads, Bolting, Rappelling with heavy haul bags...

and you actually get to solo aid a pitch, top rope a hard hooking pitch (if you have not learned the bounce test properly your in the air!)

This course breaks all the rules! Join the raddest and baddest sport out there.

Plus a copy of my Squamish Big Walls Guide Book so the dreams can begin. Give me a shout today!